Buying Assistance

Help finding and buying a home in Piedmont, Italy
Consultancy services

A desire to share what we've learned

My services are a custom fit, exactly what you need to be successful when searching for and buying a home. dI'm known for being friendly and transparent. Here are a few things I offer:


If you’re buying a home in Piedmont privately or with an agent you don’t want to go in blind, you need valuable guidance and help that can save you a lot of heartaches, now and in the future.

We can give an opinion on a home, help arrange a geometra or architect to check the house. I can recommend builders, homes managers in fact, all the professionals you will need. I only work with people I trust so you can be assured of getting the best possible help.

If you wish to meet for a discussion or an intial consultation my fee is €100/hr (min €160) +VAT. We can meet in my office or in a location close to Canale or Montà d'Alba.


I can highly recommend an English-speaking and trusted mortgage consultant that I've worked with for many years based here in Italy. Mortgages are typically 3.4% for a 50% mortgage.

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Building, Restoring, Checking

If you're buying home it's crucial you get it checked before you buy it. Italian laws are very strict to prevent unauthorised changes and modifications. Don't get caught out! We can recommend excellent professional people.

Bought a house that needs building works or restoration? We've put together an amazing team.
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