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Help finding and buying a home in Piedmont, Italy
Consultancy services

A desire to share what we've learned

My name is Richard Edwards. I’m originally from London, UK but have now spent 1/3 of my life here in Piedmont, Italy. For the majority of that time I’ve been helping people from outside of Italy buy and sell homes. My services are a custom fit, exactly what you need to be successful when searching for and buying a home.

I'm known for being friendly and transparent. I love my work and love to make new friends along the way. Here are a few things I offer:


If you’re buying a home in Piedmont privately or with an agent you don’t want to go in blind, you need valuable guidance and help that can save you a lot of heartaches, now and in the future.

We can give an opinion on a home, help arrange a geometra or architect to check the house. I can recommend builders, homes managers in fact, all the professionals you will need. I only work with people I trust so you can be assured of getting the best possible help.

I have 18 years of experience working in local real estate and want to give my clients the best possible service.


If you need a loan to buy your home in Italy, we can help. Click here for more information.

Online & personal consultancy

If you want to discuss the buying process - where to buy, about a property you might have found, anything at all to do with buying a home or about life in Piedmont we can arrange a Zoom meeting. If you're here we can meet in person. Please contact me for a quote.

The information you receive will give you crucial insight, save you money and be vital in your search.

Building and Restoring

Bought a house that needs building works or restoration? We've put together an amazing team.
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Client on consultancy tour of Piedmont, Italy with Richard Edwards of Langhe Property

Caroline from the USA visiting Langhe and Monferatto - Piedmont, Italy

Caroline's perspective

"Beyond my vision.."

I came to Piemonte to explore the possibility of moving. Prior to coming to Italy, I had interviewed a couple of house hunters. Although it was helpful that they spoke English, their services stopped somewhere crucial. Before I spent time falling in love with a gorgeous Italian home, I knew it was important to understand the area. No one was willing to show me around, there was no such service, I thought. Then I found Richard.

He arranged something beyond my vision. He took me on an experiential tour in his convertible Mercedes. In one day, I got to see gorgeous villages, understand the history of the region and the different areas, I got a good feel for each one, something I never would have achieved alone. We stopped and smelled the flowers.. literally. He educated me about each area over lunch, over coffee breaks, walks, photoshoots, wine tasting, farmer’s markets, connecting with locals.. I got to feel what it would feel like living in Italy.

Time spent exploring the areas with Richard were fun, memorable, effective and efficient yet easy and inflow. There is no way I could have gathered what I needed to via video, over the phone or doing it alone. I really appreciated his generosity in time and vast knowledge of history, culture and areas.

If you are in the process of moving or buying a house in Italy, you owe it to yourself to have Richard guide you.

The best part of meeting Richard is that I have gained a dear friend. Someone I can count on.

Caroline A