Buying Assistance

Help finding and buying a home in Piedmont, Italy
Buying Assistance

Consultancy & viewing

It's important to go into the buying process with as much knowledge as possible. Don't go in blind.
Our service is unqiue - no matter how you're buying a home, we can assist you. Whether you're buying with an agency or privatley we assist and advise as much as you need. Our consultancy service includes:
  • Online consultancy
  • Personal consultancy
  • Virtual house viewings
  • Accompanied house viewings
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Overseeing and reporting sale progress

Online & personal consultancy

If you want to discuss the buying process, where to buy, about a property you might have found, anything at all to do with buying a home or about life in Piedmont we can arrange a Zoom meeting at your convenience. If you're here we can meet in person anywhere the Piedmont area. The information you receive will give you insight, save you money and be vital in helping you avoid problems.

Virtual & accompanied viewings

Viewing a home before you buy is essential. Due to current problems it might not be possible for you to visit, or you want to shortlist before you come. We can take you on a virtual viewing of any property that's for sale, with almost any agency or private seller. We can make you a video of the visit or can even do a live Zoom feed.

We can also accompany you on any viewing here. That way we can give a unbiased, professional opinion of the property, location, price, the seller and the agent.

Negotiation assistance

It's not easy to negotiate in Italy, you have to have someone that's 100% on your side and knows the local mentality. Don't leave it entirely to an agent that makes a bigger commission if they sell for more. We can help with this and should more than cover our fee.

Overseeing sales

Once an offer has been accepted it's useful to have someone keep check on progress and explain things as they happen, especially if you're buying through a local, Italian agency. They won't always understand your needs and this can lead to frustration. We can help you avoid these issues.

For more information please feel free to get in touch