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The help you need to buy a home in Piedmont, Italy
Richard Edwards, property expert of Langhe Property real estate consultant
Piedmont Property specialist since 2004

Putting People First

My name is Richard Edwards, I‘m originally from London, England with a dash of Italian blood (3 generations back) but Italy is home and has been since 2002.

I started working in real estate 2 years after moving here. I saw that ‘foreign’ buyers needed assistance, good honest help when buying a home in the region. Local agents can sometimes struggle to understand it's about the people, not the houses.

Over the years I’ve successfully helped many people from all over the world realise a dream. I know the region inside out, constantly network and I’m very social.

We’re currently working on some new and exciting projects that include e-guides, videos featuring all sorts of exciting things and new services that are streamlined to cater for everyone’s needs when they search for a home.

My hope is that I get the pleasure to meet you and help you buy a home in this incredible place.

Help buying a home

I'm constantly searching for the best homes for sale in the region. I will assist you in the purchase of any of the homes I have listed under my 'Property' page. In this case my fee is derived from the agent's commission so you pay nothing extra. In some cases the buyer pays the agent's fee directly to me instead of to the agent. Whichever way, as the buyer, you do not pay more for my service than if you bought directly with the agent.

Consultancy services

If you’re buying a home privately or with an agent you don’t want to go in blind, you need valuable guidance and help that can save you money and a lot of problems now and in the future.

If you wish to meet in person or online for a discussion or an intial consultation my fee is €100/hr (min €160) +VAT.
I'm sorry I cannot do casual meetings or give detailed advice through email.

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The 3 main areas I can assist you in:

Buy a home in Piedmont (Piemonte), Italy

Find a Home

A list of home for sale in the Piedmont area. I'm constantly searching for outstanding homes for sale in Langhe, Roero and the Monferrato.
Find your perfect property in Piedmont, Italy

Buyer's Guide

It's essential to know as much as possible before you enter the process. My buyer's guide explains the way forward!
Services for selling a home in Piemonte - Langhe, Monferrato Italy

Selling your home

I can help you sell your home in Langhe, Roero, Monferrato to international buyers with no fuss. I have lists of buyers waiting for the right home!