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Richard Edwards, property expert of Langhe Property real estate consultant
Piedmont Property specialist since 2004

Putting People First

My name is Richard Edwards, I‘m originally from London, England with a good fill of Italian blood (3 generations back). Piedmont, Italy has been home since 2002.

I started working in local real estate in 2006. I saw that ‘foreign’ expat buyers needed assistance when buying a home in the region as local agents can struggle to understand the needs of people buying from abroad.

Over the years I’ve successfully assisted hundreds of people, from all over the world realise a dream. I know the region inside out, always work within the law and constantly network.


Come to my home! My office and video studio are all located here and it’s a beautiful area to visit. I’ll give you coffee, brioches and a good experience. You will for sure walk away with more knowledge and confidence.

I’m located 20 minutes north of Alba in the Roero wine region close to the towns of Canale and Montà d’Alba.

You can send me questions before you come and if I can’t answer something on your visit I’ll research it for you. It’s by appointment only, just drop me an email! My fee is €250.

If you’ve been around looking at houses and have a shortlist I can also give an opinion and insight into the house type, areas and agent. I can also recommend good agents.

Before you contact an agent you can contact me first. Most agents will be happy to pay for my support so when you buy a home it will cost the same with or without my support. Bargain!

If you're looking to buy a home and need help setting up a bank account and obtaining a Codice Fiscale I can help you.


I've just added Lake Garda to my portfolio! I'm working with a great agent on the lake and will be presenting you with great homes.


Be sure to check out my YouTube channel - @langheproperty
I’m working hard to pack the channel with useful information about buying a home, the area and life in Piedmont.

In the Summer I'll also be apearing on US TV, a program called 'House Hunters International'.

Where to stay in Piedmont, Italy
If you need a place to stay during you house search trip we have the perfect place. Located in the beautiful Monferrato hills in the UNESCO town of Montemagno Monferrato.
More details here: Click here.

The 3 main areas I can assist you in:

Buy a home in Piedmont (Piemonte), Italy

Find a Home

How to find homes for sale in italy?
We're constantly searching for outstanding homes and the best deals for sale in Langhe, Roero, Monferrato of Piedmont and Lake Garda, Italy
Find your perfect property in Piedmont, Italy

Buyer's Guide

Buying a house in italy as a foreigner can be a challenge, it's essential to know as much as possible before you enter the process. My free buyer's guide share 20 years experienc!
Services for selling a home in Piemonte - Langhe, Monferrato Italy

Selling your home

We work with great agencies so can help you sell your home in Langhe, Roero, Monferrato to international buyers with no fuss.
We have lists of buyers waiting for the right home!