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We’ve been working in Piedmont real estate consultancy from our office just outside of Alba since 2006.
In that time we've helped many buy their dream home in this beautiful part of the world. You can be certain of getting the best possible assistance. Our relaxed way and extensive knowledge of the market will give you full confidence and make buying a home in this incredible region a reality.

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Knowing as much as possible about your needs before you come really helps. We’re passionate about where we live and are experts on the area. Get in touch! We want to help and we're easy to talk to.

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We make visits stress free. Ask questions! You’ll see only great properties and you’ll be more prepared to make a good decision.

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We have years of experience so will be your personal guide, along with our agent, through the entire process from making an offer to putting that final signature on the deed, and beyond. Don't make the mistake of estimating how much help you'll need!
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Professional help when buying a home is crucial. After making such a large investment you don't want to have regrets or be another horror story of someone that went it alone or with bad agents. We’ll guide you through the buying process to make it as easy as possible. We will always be there to answer your questions..
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After you buy

After you buy you'll probably need help with arranging building works, property maintenance, getting permits and documents, etc. We can recommend the right local professional peole.
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