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Wto find houses for sale in Piedmont (Piemonte) Italy - photo Cisterna d'Asti by Richard Edwards

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PIEMONTE (Piedmont) is an outstanding region famous for its fine wines, sensational foods, stunning landscapes and beautiful homes.
Over the last 20 years, my consultancy has assisted hundreds of people from all parts of the world find and buy all kinds of properties.
I can assist you in finding any type of home in Piedmont, including:
  • apartments
  • villas
  • traditional farmhouses
  • wineries
  • castles
  • restoration projects
I cover all the stunning areas of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato which include the towns of Alba, Asti, Barolo, Monforte, Nizza Monferrato and Canelli. I'll guide you through the buying process, arrange surveys, assist with negotiations and oversee the sale.
Because of my excellent network of professionals, no matter what agency you buy a house through I can assist with:
  • home renovations & remodelling
  • swimming pool installation
  • renting & maintaining a home
  • home viewings - in person or online
  • Photography & video for real estate & tourism

Selling your home in Piedmont?

If you are selling a home in the Langhe, Roero or Monferrato please get in touch. We have buyers waiting for homes from €150,000 to €5m.

If you want to sell your house fast, with no fuss and with the best possible photo and video presentation, please get in touch.

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Vast experience

I have 20 years experience working in all aspects of real estate in Piedmont, Italy.
Professional assistance in all aspects of real estate

Live in the region

My home and office are 20 mins from Alba in the beautiful Roero wine hills. I'm in touch with what's going on and only work with reliable and honest professionals.
Richard Edwards of Langhe Property has 20 years experience in Piedmont real estate

Working for you

My genuine interest, honesty and intelligent view of the market will give you confidence. I'm ready to share all my knowledge with you!
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