Falling Euro and lowest house prices for years makes buying a home in Piedmont, Italy irresistible

There are several factors that are pushing the value of the Euro down and these are the hard facts. A property selling for €1.4m a month ago would have cost $1.59m or £1.16m. With the current exchange rate the same property now would set you back $1.25m or £1.03m. That’s a saving of approximately $330,000 or £129,000.

Economists are predicting it will fall even further but don’t wait to view! Find a property now and then wait, if you feel it’s worth the risk. Very few properties are coming onto the market as local people are being very shrewd and some non-Italians that live in countries that don’t have the Euro are taking their houses off the market until the Euro picks up value again. It means good houses are hard to find and what is on the market will sell quickly and you’ll miss the chance.


Contact us about properties that have or will be reduced in price.

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Richard Edwards

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I was born in London with a family line from all over the place, including Italy. I've been married to Urszula for 25 years. We met purely by accident at the Berlin wall in 1990, six months after it came down. I established Piemonte Property 11 years ago, then, when Alex joined, we renamed our agency Langhe Property.

I've been working in local real estate since 2006, have a vast experience in the market and the area so can help you with every twist and turn.

We'll take you viewing and will help with whatever you need for your trip and beyond.

It's also my job to update the website, find and photograph houses and find solutions for you.

Interests: Cars and motorcycles and Vespas, visiting wine producers, playing guitar, travelling and walking our white Golden Retriever, George.


Here are few properties that we feel are really outstanding - either because of being great value for money, are in incredible locations or are just great homes.

Luxury Piedmont Country Home

Luxury Piedmont Country Home

We love this property. Restored with great taste and to the highest standard. Location is beautiful. This part of south Piedmont should not be overlooked. An impressive private home that has great rental potential.

  • €1,190,000
  • 6
  • 7
Barbaresco home built to high standard

Barbaresco home built to high standard

The quality of construction and attention to detail on this home is amazing. It has features you'd find a 100 yr old Piemontese farmhouses but done with modern materials to ensure the very best living space.

  • €580,000
  • 3
  • 2
Langhe villa with incredible view

Langhe villa with stunning views

A truly outstanding property. Location is incredible with beautiful views of the Alps and is within walking distance of the town. The house was built in 2015 to a very high standard and with features typical to houses in Piedmont.

  • €399,000
  • 3
  • 4