If you are not sure about the region of Piedmont, maybe thinking Tuscany is better, then be sure to watch the third in the series of this great travel programme by the BBC. We felt proud to live and work in Piedmont (Piemonte) after seeing it.

Art historian Andrew Graham–Dixon and chef Giorgio Locatelli explore north Italy ending up in the delight that is Piedmont. Be sure to put aside an hour with a bottle of wine and enjoy the journey!

Sorry! The full programme on Piedmont has been taken off of YouTube but this clip is their visit to Piedmont's capital, Turin.

Here are some comments from the program:

'Piedmont is Italy's best kept secret'

Piedmont has a special blend of art food and popular culture - a winning recipe for life'

'It has the most majestic landscapes in Italy'

It's a food lover's paradise - always the finest quality'

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