Italy is the world's healthiest country

According to the Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries Italy is top of the list. Despite slow economic growth its people are very healthy. Could you want a better reason to move to Italy? My home country of the UK is down in lowly 23rd and one of my ancestral countries, the US, is down in 34th place.

Italy’s health is due to a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and plenty of olive oil. We find natural foods are very high quality and cheap. Buy from local markets and you’re sure to see good results in your health. The surroundings are calm and peaceful and surely this has a lot to do with it too. And don't forget the wine! Elderly people always tell me they drink a glass or two a day and they live long. Need another excuse?!

Here are a few positions of countries from best to worst:

1. Italy
23. UK
28. Denmark
34. USA
50. Albania

Got to Bloomberg to read more - click here


Here's an article about health in Piedmont, Italy

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