Live like royalty in Piedmont Italy

Fancy being king or queen of you own royal castle? If you want to look from a tower and feel lord over all you survey then you might want to take a look at a couple of things we have on our books.

Fact is, for the fraction of the cost of a penthouse apartment in London (€10m+), you can own a royal castle with plenty of room for admiring guests, have amazing views over ancient towns and Alps and have a safe investment you can actually enjoy right now.

Royal castle for sale in Piedmont, Italy


A castle built for royalty, by royalty, with the most amazing views.

It’s currently owned by a number of people as it was divided up into apartments, but they all want to sell. Some of the sellers are in the 90s and have used it in the past as a weekend retreat.

Price is €5.3m but this can be negotiated. Probably by quite a lot.

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For €2.5m you get a castle built in the 1800s on its own hill overlooking a 13th century town and the Alps. Add to this that it’s in excellent condition, can be bought with the furniture, has a swimming pool with a view to die for and has a guest apartment and wine cellars.

Langhe Property castle for sale in the Monferrato, Piedmont Italy

Why are you waiting? Call me before it’s snapped up. Oh, and I did I mention it has high quality vineyards and forests planted especially for the nurturing of white truffles? Is there anything else you could need or want? Knock your visitors sideways when you show them the view, offer them your own wine and serve pasta with white truffles found on your land all served in your own private restaurant.

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I was born in London with a family line from all over the place, including Italy. I've been married to Urszula for 25 years. We met purely by accident at the Berlin wall in 1990, six months after it came down. I established Piemonte Property 11 years ago, then, when Alex joined, we renamed our agency Langhe Property.

I've been working in local real estate since 2006, have a vast experience in the market and the area so can help you with every twist and turn.

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