The 87th Alba Truffle Festival and the Property Market

Last weekend saw the start of the 87th Alba White Truffle Festival. This is the only time the area of Langhe and Roero fills up with visitors from all over the world.

We've had a great summer that seems to refuse to end and no rain means no truffles, or at least very few. But that doesn't stop us enjoying ourselves because this world-famous festival is not just about rare fungi. It's about wine, food and the people that make us this great region. I think it's my 12th year and I never tire of it.

And in all those years I've been here I've never seen Alba so full of people. It's great to see and proves the region is really booming and great things are to come.

If you're thinking about buying a property, don't wait. If you do you'll regret it as good houses are hard to find and prices will go through the roof. For example, I had a not too fantastic house in the Barolo area a few years ago and we couldn't sell it. Clients thought they could do better. But it had a 5,000sqm Nebbiolo/Barolo vineyard. In the end it sold for less than €100,000. Today, the vineyard alone is worth more than €500,000!

We're seeing a big increase in demand for tourism properties - wine businesses, B&Bs and Agriturismo. One B&B Agriturismo owner told us they are fully booked for this year and all of 2018! Smart people are realising this is the time to take the plunge.

We have some great properties, we're really proud of our service and always want to do the very best for our clients. So come visit and we'll find you exactly what you need. But you've been warned - don't wait too long!



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