The weather in Piemonte

The Weather in Piedmont Italy

The weather in Piemonte Italy

One of the things I really hate about my own country, the UK, is the weather. Rain, rain, rain, rain. We now listen to the weather on the BBC and it has us groaning. It goes something like - 'a fine day with scattered showers' or 'a dry day with a chance of rain'. It's one of the main reasons I left my homeland.

Now Piemonte. I love the weather. Four very distinct seasons. These days we seem to get short winters. A lot of snow for a few days, great scenery and a lot of fun as it's an excuse not to go to work. Spring can be the wet part of the year but it's usually warm. Summer - long and hot. Typically it's around 25C peaking in June at 35 or above. In the hills here it never feels too oppressive. You just have to change your lifestyle to suit it. No good eating fatty, salty foods and staying in the sun too long.

Autumn is the most beautiful. Good temperatures around 20C and fantastic scenery. January and February are the dark months but they pass quickly and we know for sure they'll be a summer.

Now if we have a few days of rain, we start to get very low but then the skies clear and the views of the Alps are always stunning and we say 'it's not too bad'.

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