Tourism in Piedmont

Tourism in Piedmont

Visit the best of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato Piedmont

Piedmont has a lot to offer the tourist who's willing to venture off the beaten track. I have to say, it doesn't really go out of its way to accommodate tourists. It's happy not to encourage it too much but is happy when people do come. If you want to be pampered and carried everywhere that's not so good but if you want a real experiences and to choose a road of mystery and discovery, you're in for a treat.

Turin (Torino) sets the lead in this attitude of the Piemontese. The tourist office staff really don't want to be disturbed too much - so do your research before you set off: download the GTT app for the bus schedule, check Trip Advisor for the best places to stay and eat and you will do just fine. The city is stunning. I know it's very worst parts and its best, and the best is amazing.

The Langhe and Monferrato are a feast for visitors in every way. Landscapes, food, wine, hospitality, it has it all in abundance. And the great thing is, it's never overcrowded - only the special events get busy. Locals like it this way and it's why they don't go out of their way to encourage too much tourism. They don't want to become another Florence or Rome and lose their identity chasing Dollars and Yen, they have better things to do.

Stay around Alba for the Langhe and Moncalvo for the Monferrato. Moncalvo is called 'Tuscany without the tourists' and without the rip-off prices, I'd like to add.

There's plenty to do - museums, visit wine producers and chocolate makers, cycling, walking, dog sledding in the Alps, skiing.. the list is endless.

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