Ice cream in Piedmont Italy

Ice Cream in Piedmont Italy

Italy is famous for ice cream and Piedmont has exceptional ice-cream!

Sorry! I have to start on a negative. Some Gelateria aren’t so good - so be warned! We found some in Alba are just not up to scratch (bottom of Vittorio Emmanuele on the right, for example) but some are exceptional. Just experiment - you might have to suffer a little…

San Pé Agrigelateria
Now, if you want really great ice-cream you need to travel to Poirino. Here, on the outskirts of the town, you will find San Pé, the Agrigelateria. The flavours are incredible and the place is nice too. We promise it's worth the trip. It does get really busy on the weekends in the summertime - try a week day.

Gelateria Valsania
A little closer to Alba is Gelateria Yogurteria Valsania in Montà d’Alba and Canale. The ice-cream is fantastic. I can’t tell you if it’s better than San Pè, I have to experiment for a few more years. Science can’t be rushed. Great flavours. Great ice-cream.

Someone said this about San Pè:

BEST ICE CREAM IN ITALY!!!!!!! ...that means best on the planet!!!!!... hard to find...look 4 it on the web... Absolutely MUST go!!!!

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