Finding work in Piedmont

Finding Work in Piedmont

How can you make a living in Piedmont?

The areas of Piedmont, such as the Langhe and Monferrato, have long been popular with foreign buyers. Many move out here to retire and others buy just for a holiday retreat. But then some are still working age and need to find a way to make a living. What is available for foreign workers?

Tourism is big in Piedmont. There's always a need for rental accommodation - B&B, Agriturismo, self-catering apartments and houses. The good news is that, in general, Italians don't really value the internet. They feel it's just for Facebook and Youtube. Foreigners can capitalise on this and easily promote their businesses and make a decent living just by having a good Website that can easily be found on the search engines.

Other options included getting to know the area and the then organising tours - wine tours, walking tours, cycling, photography.. the list goes on.

Teaching your mother-tongue language

Or what about teaching English or German, or whatever is your mother-tongue? Private schools are always desperate for mother-tongue teachers. There's also the option of getting some private work. You can charge €25 - €40 per hour.

Home maintenance jobs

As many foreigners have bought here there's always a need for maintenance - such as gardening, swimming pool cleaning, etc. As many properties are rented out there's also a need for guests to be met and beds to be changed. Just do a search on the Internet for rental properties and send them all an email! Be sure to let me know too!

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