Buying a classic car in Italy

Buying a Classic Car in Piedmont

Alfas, Fiats and Lancia and before long, you'll want one..

Old cars preserve quite well in Piedmont - we don't get much rain and there's no sea air to corrode your classic. Once here you'll drive around and notice a lot of fantastic old Alfas, Fiats and Lancia and before long, you'll want one.

How do you find classic cars?

A good place to start is by finding classic car clubs. Italians are passionate about their old cars so you can find really cared for examples and fully restored classics.

Another way is by searching on the Internet. Here are a couple of good car Websites:

What are the laws on owning a classic?

If the car is registered with the historic club, ASI, you don't pay a yearly tax (Bollo) and you don't have to have revisione (the two yearly test of roadworthiness). Insurance is also very cheap. For a Fiat 500 you'd pay around €100 a year.

For a car to be registered with ASI it has to conform to its original spec. For example, it has to be a colour that was original with the model. You can respray a different colour but it has to be a colour that was used on your model.

A car that's registered with ASI is usually worth a little more.

Get the car checked.

It's obvious, but take nothing for granted. As the car might not have the revisione it might not be up to scratch. Take the car to an expert before you buy. If you're buying a classic Italian car most Fiat or Lancia garage will be very knowledgable about any car you take to them. If the seller doesn't want you to get it checked, walk away.

Expect pleasure and pain.

Old cars need a lot of care, so expect problems. Once you own a classic you'll no doubt really appreciate how advanced modern cars are! But you will also realise how boring they are. They look great but can give you a lot of grief. Saying that, most of time they give you so much pleasure. Riding through the Italian countryside in a beautiful Italian icon is worth any pain it might give you.

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