Buy a property for vacation rental

Buying a House to Rent

Buy a property for vacation rental

I'm always asked about the rental potential of holiday homes here in piedmont, Italy. Fact is, it's excellent. There's a big demand and very few properties available.

Self-catering rental apartments and houses are always in big demand, particularly in the Langhe and a good way to finance your dream holiday home is to offer it for rental. It might be a compromise but it will get you a great home!

What sort of income can you get? A house in a good Langhe or Monferrato town that sleeps 4 should fetch around €800 a week. A property that can accommodate 6 should get you €1,200 a week, more if you have a swimming pool.

A house with pool worth €500,000 - €600,000 should earn you €30,000 profit per year.

How long is the season? From May to the end of October and maybe the December holidays.

Historic properties (castles, villas, etc) have an added value too. Wedding Planners tell me there is a severe shortage of places a reception can be held with accommodation combined.

Who rents in Piedmont?

English, Dutch, German and Swiss as well as Russian and Chinese. There's always someone local who will help you care for the property and there are great Websites that will help you get the business with no agency percentages to pay.

Should you consider starting a B&B?

Be sure to think it through very carefully first. It’s a tough business. You always have to be there, getting up early and going to bed late. Many people start a B&B with a romantic idea of how great it will be but reality is something different. Renting an apartment or entire house is much easier.

We always have plenty of properties that are perfect for rental. Be sure to contact us.

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