About us & the services we offer

A Refreshing Approach

We're a family-run licensed real estate agency, the only English agency in the area.

We’ve been working in the region from our office just outside of Alba since 2006. In that time we've helped many buy their dream home in this beautiful part of the world. You can be certain of getting the best possible assistance. Our relaxed way and extensive knowledge of the market will give you full confidence and make buying a home in this incredible region a reality.

The assurance you have is that we:

  • are experts on the entire purchasing process
  • permanently live and work in the region
  • take pride in being organised and straight forward
  • are very selective about homes we take on
  • can recommend services you'll before and after you buy
  • will do all we can to make the experience a perfect one

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Keeping things simple

The process..


Knowing as much as possible about your needs before you come really helps. You’ll find we’re passionate about where we live and are experts on the area. Get in touch! We want to help and we're easy to talk to.


Come visit. We make viewing stress free. We'll only show you houses you want to see and if you want you can travel with us in a comfortable car and ask questions. You’ll see only great properties and you’ll be more prepared to make a good decision.


We know the sellers so are in the right position to negotiate the best possible price for you. Usually we can get 10% - 20% off the asking price, sometimes more. We'll also help you with the documentation you'll need.


We’ll make the buying process as easy as possible. We stay in full control of the process from beginning to end and will always be there to answer your questions.

Getting a Mortgage

We work with an excellent English-speaking consultant here in Italy that can help you with all things finance. Banks are offering interest rates as low as 2% at the moment! Let us know and we'll put you in touch.


Buyer's Guide

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What Our Clients Say About Us

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Not left alone after you buy

A tailor-made service just for our clients..

Help After You Buy

Once you’ve bought your dream home in Piedmont, without the right help it could become a challenge to keep up with everything, especially if you’re still working on your Italian.


We can recommend to our clients (only people that have bought a house through our agency) a tailor-made home-care service run by a trustworthy couple that live in the Langhe. They’re both UK-born but from Italian families so speak English and Italian fluently. They'll help you with all aspects of caring for your home.


Their service includes:

  • Arranging and overseeing maintenance and building works
  • Cleaning and repairs
  • Help with vacation rentals - check-in, advertising, etc
  • Gardening and pool cleaning
  • Overseeing workers such as gardeners, architects and builders
  • Help with all other matters to do with your home

You can be assured that when buying a home through us you will have the best support throughout the entire process and all the care you might need after the sale.

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