Large property in Piedmont nature reserve 20 mins from Alba

Immersed in a nature reserve this spectacular property has lakes, woodlands and buildings


  • Roero-Langhe
    Piedmont, Italy
    Key features
  • Land: 46ha

Immersed in a nature reserve this spectacular property has a total of 46ha of land that includes woodlands, 2 lakes, fields, nut orchards and a selection of buildings.

The entrance to the estate is via a good asphalt road and protected by private gateway and fencing. The buildings are situated in the middle of the property in a wonderful scenic position that provides a breathtaking view of the natural surrounding area, an area populated by fields, wooded areas and wildlife. The area is totally void of industrial and commercial settlements.

Accommodation building
The ground floor has an entranceway, patio, kitchen/dining area, living room with fireplace, service room, corridor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, stairs leading to the basement and garage. Below there's space for 2 cars and has the heating system. This building was restored in 2002 but needs refitting.

Building B
The ground floor has an entranceway, large living area, bathroom and 3 warehouses. The first floor has a large warehouse.

Building C
Ground floor has a porch, work room for the production and preparation of honey, premises for agricultural production and preparation, WC and an exhibition and display room. On the first floor a hayloft is used as warehouse.

The House
The ground floor has a living room/patio, wash room, kitchen, work room, bathroom, entrance to a large cellar and garage. The first floor has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a study. This building was restored in 1987.

The property can be transformed into a beautiful, secluded holiday resort.

The majority of the property (60%) is covered in woodland typical of the Roero region. This contains trees such as chestnuts, oaks and wild pines and these wooded areas provide a good gathering of mushrooms in the summer.

One artificial lake is 8,000 sqm and the second 3,000 sqm. They are both registered in accordance with regional laws. They contain large amounts of fish such as tenches, typical of the region.

Property Location

The property is just 20 minutes from the Alba and Barolo wine area of the Langhe, and only 45 minutes from Turin International airport. The property is totally private.



  • ALBA - 20 mins
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